An alliance of over 40 organizations, agencies and businesses within southeast Wisconsin, HCN fosters opportunities to connect the Hispanic community with HCN affiliated champions, partners.

HCN's collaborations result in action. Our Action Teams focus on ways not just to discuss issues, but to provide opportunities to work together to uplift and empower the community.


We organize around areas such as: 

Health Access

Education Equity

Family Empowerment

"We believe real collaboration is the result of real action."
-Julie Valadez, president and CEO of HCN

Our Mission

The Hispanic Collaborative Network consist of individuals and organizations that collaborate to improve access to services for the Hispanic population through educating, advocating, and reducing cultural and linguistic barriers. 


Our Vision

The Hispanic population has access to culturally enhanced services, which results in improved quality of life.  

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HCN - Hispanic Collaborative Network

HCN is a non-profit advocacy organization providing programs and services, which improve the health, education and recreation opportunities for the Hispanic community.

Email: communication@hcnetworks.org

Registered Charity: 46-0988812

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